About us – Who we are


GlobalPort wants to serve as many companies and authorities as possible in their quest to implement successful, long lasting solutions to the business and IT challenges they face.


To be most dynamic consulting and solution providing company serving at the crossroads of Digital and Management. GlobalPort is committed to the relentless pursuit of innovation to build bridges that will create a community of robust businesses. We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement.


Being efficient in delivery and constantly improving productivity is guiding principles at GlobalPort. Earning trust of customer and raising number of returning customers is the horizon we’re permanently charging.

Partnerships with governments, business leaders and investment communities—paired with the substantial intellectual property, and resources—ensures that we can deliver end-to-end results. We collaborate with our client partners to rapidly develop, launch, and grow transformational digital products, platforms, and businesses.

Our Products – What we do


We help governments and other institutions in introducing new services and improving existing ones through meticulous planning and providing access to people with deep experience in the development of variety of public services.


Many companies and state institutions face hardship in realization of variety of services when it comes to contriving schemes for supporting continuous flawless operational activity or designing a new one. Through pool of experts and companies, with whom we have set up partnerships, as well as with our own consultants we provide unparalleled support and readymade recipes.


  • Telecommunication
  • Data integration
  • International Commerce
  • Management
  • Macro Economy
  • Public Sector
  • Scaling
  • Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Online Commerce
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Server and corporate hardware
  • Business Operations
  • Pharmacy
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Data Security
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Crisis Management

USP – Why us

Track Record

Team of professionals behind GlobalPort served as key performers developing network of experts, took over myriad of public services, elaborated ToRs and headed to implementing solutions for decreasing corruption risks, streamlining public services, opened doors for new businesses in certain countries, installed IT solutions and helped numerous companies become profitable.


Helping organizations and governments make the changes needed to seize competitive advantage and to help institutions implement services people benefit from is GlobalPort’s raison d’être. Professionals of GlobalPort have been helping leaders and their organizations build lasting advantage.

The breakthrough services that GlobalPort’s professionals developed—and continues to develop today—have become business canon and helped governments serve their people in more efficient way.


We are a team of innovators, operators, entrepreneurs, and investors working with the organizations from different businesses and backgrounds. We help them to turn the ideas into businesses and we invest in the outcomes together with our clients.

The multidisciplinary team at GlobalPort goes beyond providing consulting, design, and technology services to form strategic teams with our client partners.


GlobalPort – a Free Industrial Zone Company

In 2018, GlobalPort made sustainable investment to be registered at Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone, Republic of Georgia.

Investment and the subsequent set up, enabled us to be fully immersed in international commerce and being concentrated on export.

FIZ Company legal framework boosts returns and creates hotbed conditions for continuous high level performance for the benefit of customers and partners.


Yoram Dori
Advisor General
David Tsekvava
Public Sector and Finances Expert
Zurab Kotaria
Public Sector and Systems Integration Expert
George Barkalaya
Publicity and Crisis Management Expert


George Zviadadze

We’re at the crossroads where in order to choose right path and then excel on the road chosen, we’ve to achieve new levels of synergy between all assets at hand. Access to the pool of professionals, resources and impactful leaders enables us to promise big and then over deliver on our promises. As we’re here for a long haul continuous excellence is something we want to be permanently embedded in our DNA.



Papuna Papiashvili

At GlobalPort our efforts and care spin around needs of our clients and partners. Being able to turn disadvantages into opportunities and making connections in a way never been contrived prior to that is something that sets our company apart. On day-to-day basis businesses and officials that approach GlobalPort for services instantly turn into returning customers. Seeing through the lenses of the partners is negligible commonality at GlobalPort, we constantly strive to raise the bar of customer satisfaction standard.




GlobalPort is active in setting up international partnerships striving to bring to the individual and corporate customers the value otherwise inaccessible to them.

International partnerships set up by GlobalPort is based in common understanding of the customer value and the shared values and principles emanating from the customers primary satisfaction principle.

When starting partnerships we always have in mind long term cooperation and lasting benefits for existing or potential customers.

Strong international presence is what differentiates GlobalPort from the competition as we can have hands on the best practices from the first sources undeluded.

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